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GuruSwara is the first of its kind online Carnatic music solution for vocal excellence that has been developed to revolutionise and transform Carnatic music practicing methodology. Students can practice and assess their performance in accordance with the parameters like Sruti, Laya, Bhavam, Swaram, and Gamakam.

vGuru Features

Learn and Practice Carnatic Music from the comfort of your home
Anytime Anywhere

Extensive Library

More than 500 Lessons prepared by more than 35 reputed Gurus and Doyens of Carnatic music. All lessons come with complete standardized notations with diacritical marks and lyrics. Lessons are categorized from basics Sarali Swaras to Sabhaganams with easy to find search capabilities.

Precise Reference Lessons

Lessons are recorded to utmost precision in our studios to the click, making them perfect reference. Practicing with Guru track as reference helps attaining better perfection.

Realtime Assessment

Real time assessment of carnatic music parameters makes the practicing time more valuable and efficient. Students can graphically see their performances which contributes to enhanced perfection and accuracy in singing. On-Screen display of vocal notation helps the students to practice with enhanced precision

Record and Compare

Record your practice session and get detailed graphical comparisions with the lesson. Understand the deviations in Sruthi, Laya and Swaram(Notation)


Explore rare carnatic music forms sung by various Gurus and transform the way you practice and perform music


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About Guruswara

GuruSwara is a subscription-based offering directed towards the very large and constantly growing segment of students who can learn and practice classical music. GuruSwara combines a desktop application with a web based library of hundreds of songs/kritis (music lessons). These will provide students and teachers with a compelling experience to practice and monitor their singing proficiencies respectively.

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Musically inclined students naturally desire to learn Classical music and most parents encourage the same. The primary obstacle for these students is lack of quality practice time, which is necessary if they are to develop musical skills and expertise. The challenge is to find ways to ensure practice time becomes more engaging and rewarding. This is where GuruSwara comes into the picture!

There is also an increasing demand for music instructors to judge, map and document individual student achievements vis-a-vis their peers in regular music classrooms. Gurus can routinely provide practice tests to grade the student's understanding of the subject and so on. In addition, Gurus are also keen to assess how well their students perform on stage. Numerous tests and actual dry runs on GuruSwara have proven to improve performances of students significantly.


GuruSwara is a comprehensive vocal music learning and practicing solution. It enhances the quality of time spent on learning classical music, educating the student on how a song/musical note is supposed to be sung and how well they are singing with reference to their Guru. GuruSwara endeavours practicing much more interesting and to indulge more often.

GuruSwara Technology

GuruSwara focuses on simplifying music learning, teaching and practicing by using technology. GuruSwara has been developing innovative technologies in real time voice visualization and analysis. GuruSwara’s core technology is based on innovative digital signal processing of voice. GuruSwara believes in the concept of visualizing voice characteristics such as pitch, expression, tempo, vibrato, timbre, and helps singers improve their singing skills thereby introducing a novel experience in the world of Carnatic music.

Voice Assessment & Visualization

Voice Assessment Engine forms the core of GuruSwara Studio, which is used by the students for practicing the lessons visually. GuruSwara records student's performance and analyzes it with reference to the teacher's performance. Students can visually see the analysis on a time line graph.

Lyrics Visualization

The lyrics and notations for each lesson are shown visually in the GuruSwara Studio. Lyrics are highlighted in a precisely timed fashion making it very easy for students to follow and sing along while practicing. The students have an option to mute teacher's voice and follow the lyrics to sing and practice.

Real-time pitch visualization

Sruthi is a very important parameter for singing. Understanding and identifying one's own sruthi, and sticking to it is very crucial through out the singing. GuruSwara Voice Assessment Engine enables you to actually "see your voice" in real time on the computer screen as you sing. The Voice Assessment Engine contains sophisticated algorithms that analyze your voice to work out what pitch you are singing in. It is then displayed on the computer screen on a time line graph. The Voice Assessment Engine also shows musical notes arranged as on a piano which will display the notes that your voice is reaching to. So, you will see your voice pitch on an easy to understand visual musical scale. You can also compare your voice with that of the teacher's.

Pitch analysis and depiction

GuruSwara Voice Assessment Engine analyzes the pitch of the student's from the recording and compares it with the reference pitch and shows the deviations in the pitch visually on the timeline graph. Student can select the region of the deviation and review the performance at this instance.

Tempo analysis and visualization

Laya is another parameter that needs to be followed while singing. GuruSwara Voice Assessment Engine can visually depict the laya travel in the singing and any deviation from the original can be easily identified in the visual representation of the tempo on the time line graph. Just as in the Sruthi assessment, the student can select the region of deviation and review the performance at that instance.

Notation Analysis

Singing as per notation is important in a performance. GuruSwara Voice Assessment Engine can track the minute notation variations from the original performance. This graphical representation can help the singers to correct themselves and maintain their performance closer to the original or the guru’s performance.